Sunday 29.11. / 16:30 / Annankatu 6

88 min. Includes 15 min break.


This screening is divided into two parts, interrupted by a short break. It begins with a film by Kristine Cranfeld. Dailies to Dawn is a poetic journey and tribute which celebrates celluloid film processing as a living form. The next one is Joni Männistö’s animation Electric Soul which gives an electrifying view to a buzzing micropolis. The final film of the first part is Mika Taanila’s Six Day Run. It is a short film about one of the most extreme individual endurance sports dating back to the 1870s. The Competitors run for six days with minimal sleep, all the while trying to accumulate as many miles as possible on a one-mile paved loop in a park in Queens, New York City.

The second part of the series starts with Ariful Islam’s film Kukurer poti. It’s main character is a dog that is dependent on the leftovers from an urban environment. The next one, Inga fler ord is a film by Jerker Beckman and Tomas Stark. It discusses the division between poetry and reality, culture and nature.  The last film of Anima, Fox Fears, is directed by Miyo Sato. The main charachter of the short film is a  young boy named Bunroku who goes to the festival with his friends and visits a clog shop on the way. There he learns an old superstition about the fox.

Part 1:

Dailies to dawn / Dir. Kristine Cranfeld / 2015/ Great Britain / 18:00

Dailies to dawn - Kristine Cranfeld

Electric Soul / Dir. Joni Männistö / 2013 / Finland / 5:00


Six Day Run / Dir. Mika Taanila / 2013 / Finland / 14:27


15 minutes break

Part 2:

Kukurer poti / Dir. Ariful Islam / 2015 / Bangladesh / 10:00

Kukurer poti - Ariful Islam

Inga fler ord / Dir. Jerker Beckman & Tomas Stark / 2010 / Sweden / 18:35


Fox Fears / Der. Miyo Sato / 2015 / Japan / 7:38

Fox Fears - Miyo Sato