Audiovisual labyrinth

In addition to the screenings, there is much to experience at Annankatu 6. Audiovisual installations and other works of art will spread around the venue like all-encompassing tentacles.


Some of the Works:

Middle Class Riot (Passive, Resonance, Resistance) / Dir. Youth Martin Glover / 2015 / Great Britain / 37:32


Having spent a lifetime making music history with countless luminaries, the music producer and writer, Youth, launches his debut experiment with video: Middle Class Riot (Passive, Resonance, Resistance). The film is born out of Youths latest poetry book titled Middle Class Riot, which itself has also inspired the album of the same name. It’s ambient drone music becomes the score for the film by Youth in collaboration with video artist Bede. Shot entirely on mobile phone devices, the filming process explores the immediacy, practicality and utilization of modern technology. The poetry, the films, the artwork and the music… ‘Middle Class Riot’ is an infusion of works that break down the masks of social conformity. His most honest works yet, they peel away the banal to reveal the combined senses of touch, sound and sight, enabling the viewer to access the realm of Youth’s magical dynamic psyche at work, whilst momentarily becoming part of the art itself.

N.1368597069 / Dir. Vasilios Papaioannu / 2015 / Greece,­ United States / 6:09


A violent detonation of colors peacefully settles into a liquid cosmos, blurring the boundary between macro and micro. An unknown point of view captures nebulous glints, rays of eternal beauty in rapid succession. Water is a capsule that filters and transforms solid form into a primordial scream of echoed life. Energy is performing. Light, cracked into minuscule particles of glittery matter nurtures the cornea with disturbance. Motion is endless, constant. Motion is the transference of darkness into light. Form is reborn through applied mathematical functions transforming the content into an alter ego of itself. Digitization dies and becomes an impression.

Panorama Panic Botany / Dir. Vera Sebert / 2014 / Germany / 10:11


How does the metamorphosis from cactus to cabbage perform? The camera shows single organic shapes located in a non-definable dim room. Dipped into an artificial, green light the plantfigures dissipate, deform and overlay each other in an associative picture flow. Detailed closeups reveal the objects’ haptic surface and thereby inspire not only the visual sense but also the sense of touch. Electronic noise accompanies with the permanent transformation of the room filled with light, fog and liquid. Borders between aggregate states become fluently. Percieved impressions cannot be associated with the observers own experiences. So he is questioned to rearrange and interpret the irrational sensory perception. This experimental film poses the question for a border between natural and artificial. In awareness of tranfiguring the visuell impulse, it inspires to make the unseen accessible through other sensory perception.

Curzio and Marzio, picaresque work in two acts by Dario Agazzi Filmed by Luca Ferri. / Dir. Luca Ferri. 2014 / Italy / 35:00

Copy of Installaatio. Ohj. Luca Ferri- Curzio and Marzio. 2014

Curzio and Marzio are two picaroons who represent the same two sides of the same coin: the first one with moustaches, the second one with hats. Unknowingly dead, the picaroons meet in the first act and, after the introductions, they understand they are both looking for Sant’alessio. At whatever time Curzio and Marzio appear, they change moustaches and hats. In the second act the picaroons understand they are dead and meeting Sant’alessio they will discover he has their same face. A fanfare, instead of a funeral march, will end the work and their existence.

Glitter stories / Dir. Anna­-Mari Nousiainen / 2015 / Finland / 6:51


What is video art? “Glitter, melted plastic, kaleidoscopes, colors and psychedelia”, young women answer. Glitter Stories drew inspiration from young women between the ages of 17 to 24. Their responses formed a twisted world of it’s own, where girls’ objects become symbols, lucky charms and sometimes millstones; women turn against themselves and each other in throes of the brutal change. 
The altar built by others must be destroyed in order to build one’s own, to be reborn.

Simpanssi / Dir. Saana Inari / 2014 / Finland – Germany / 6:45


Is it possible to change a person into something by giving her a name? Simpanssi – Chimpanzee, is a movement based short film, with a digital scenery.

ONE­MINDED / Dir. Sébastien Simon / 2014 / South Korea / 20:00

Näyttökuva 2015-11-08 kello 18.54.58

A key unlocks a door and a light goes on, revealing a small apartment where two bedrooms face each other and are separated by a narrow kitchen and the bathroom. It’s nighttime, and the tenant, a woman in her mid-20s, comes back home, visibly inebriated. She activates the apartment’s sole fan, which starts revolving on its axis, showing alternatively her room, where she enters, and another room still plunged in the dark. She switches the radio on, undresses and then goes to the bathroom. While she showers, two burglars enter the apartment from the other room. Upon realizing that the place isn’t empty, they almost turn around but, since the woman can’t notice them, they decide to carry on the stealing quietly and try to be quick about it. That’s when someone else enters the place.   

Grandma, what are you doing there?! / Dir. Corentin Romagny / 2015 / France / 7:26


We are pleased to welcome you to our new show : « Grandma, what you’re doing there ?! » The rules are simple : you’re about to watch a video displaying Daniel, our candidate, in some compromising situation. You’ll have to judge whether Daniel deserves to be hanged or not for this. Be careful, there are two recordings for this footage. One of them truly shows Daniel’s life and the other one is a fake. You can only see one of them. Now there’s a dilemma : save Daniel, or condemn him… But think well : there is a 500 000 euros jackpot to win… This could change your life.

Red triangle / Petri Hagner / Installation / 2015 / Finland

Näyttökuva 2015-11-12 kello 17.25.11

Fibonacci sequence / Petri Hagner / Installation / 2015 / Finland

Näyttökuva 2015-11-08 kello 19.02.47