Ghost Lights / Virvatulet

Saturday 28.11. / 12:30 / Annankatu 6

42 min. Short film series. Will be screened at the same time with the brunch.


Virvatulet15 Rearranged

Bold audiovisual works.

The screening starts with a long tracking shot out of a room. The wind blows from outside and shakes the conventional order of the next room. A fictional modernist architect thinks how to fit together the dimensions of the human body and other spaces. In the city the blue collar workers are enjoying the break in the blue moment of the day. A bench from a sauna is carried everywhere by a performance artist. The 3D-animated monsters float in the front of a computer screen, seemingly coming out of the Facebook conversations. Finally a clock from the capital city of Russia goes crazy.

Ghost Lights’15 is organized in co-operation with AAVE Alternative Audiovisual event and AV-Arkki, the distributing centre of Finnish media art. Ghost Lights is a collection of new Finnish moving picture works distributed by AV-Arkki, selected by Kari Yli-Annala and Ivan Punzo. Ghost Lights ’15 premiered at AAVE-event in Helsinki, April 2015.

AAVE-festival is a yearly international event organised in Helsinki since 2010. The mission of AAVE is to represet, promote and showcase different forms of audiovisual arts and therefore rejoin different genres and audiences. AAVE is not a mere film or media art festival but it aims at opening the gates into the vast world of moving image. The next AAVE-festival is held in Helsinki 11. – 17. April 2015.

Ghost Lights ’15 will be offered together with a brunch.



1. Ewa Górzna: Rearranged (2014, 9:47)
“Rearranged” is a calmly flowing journey through the space submitted to an unexpected transformation. It reveals a surreal moment when the wild enters the conventional rearranging the established order according to unrestrained turbulent rules.
2. Hannu Karjalainen: The House Protects The Dreamer (2014, 14:08)
Palladio: What do you think about eternity?
Le Corbusier: Boring.
The House Protects the Dreamer is an experimental narrative film about a fictitious modern architect, her dreams and deliberations on the symbiosis of the human form and architecture. Written by the Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn, an excerpt from a fictitious dialogue between the renaissance architect Palladio and a modernist architect Le Corbusier sets us up for the themes in the film. The fragments of the text by Fehn are included in the lyrics of the music by Infinite Livez.
3. Maija Saksman: Blue moment (2014, 02:00)
Construction and other workers having a break in their blue uniforms. Their breaks are presented as a simultaneous blue moment in the midst of work.
4. Aimo Hyvärinen: The Bench (2014, 07:30)
”The bench is from sauna where I used to wash my children. It´s surface is like a smooth skin. I have even slept on it when I had bad times.” -Heikki Mäntymaa
5. Tommi Matikka: Monsters of Facebook (2014, 05:04)
Three-dimensional monsters appear on the two-dimensional surface of Facebook world to tell a story. The story is about the origins on those monsters. At the same time the characters are being introduced on the display. At the end is time to choose one’s own monster and continue on with the story.
6. Seppo Renvall: Clock from Moscow (2014, 04:00)
A grainy black and white Super 8-film show a digital clock in Moscow which turns crazy.