Inner and outer spaces / Sisä- ja ulkoavaruuksia

Saturday 28.11. / 16:45 / Annankatu 6

Short film series. 56 min.


Inner and outer spaces is a series of films that test the order of private experience and the outside reality. Seemingly recocnizible places and situations get juxtaposed with the illogical harmonies of our inner world, labyriths of our brain and relations between different beings. The borders of spaces to other spaces and situations are either absolute or ambiguous. In some way or another, the films equivocate the traditional tactics of drama in three acts and challenge the logic, rules and rhythms of cinematic storytelling – perhaps also the sense of humor of the spectator?

Something about silence / Dir. Patrick Buhr / 2015 / Germany / 12:20Something About SIlence

“You are here, because you are boring. Let the audio-visual experience sink into your subconscious in order to become more exciting and fashionable.” The journey leads through streets, clothing stores, forests and strange abstract worlds.


The Audition / Dir. Attila Rostas / 2014 / United States / 12:41US14-4-5F74_still2-1

The Audition is about a collision of a middle-aged casting agent and a young Vietnamese immigrant boy. The agent is already sitting at the doorway of irreality when the boy’s dancing pushes him towards the unknown. The frozen atmosphere of their strong cinematic encounter is either fatal or non-existent.


On the way (En chemin) / Dir. Nathalia Mikhailkov-Konchalovsky / 2015 / France / 10:36On The Way

Two lives, one moment. Is this moment going to be lived or are we always on the way?


Kurdrjavka – Pikku kippura (Kudryavka – Little Ball Of Fur ) / Dir. Risto-Pekka Blom / 2013 / Suomi / 5:05Kurdjavka

In an expanding universe, in the cosmic noise of celebratory speeches, with an eye always blackened by a punch. Kudryavka – Little ball of fur is a piece compiled mainly of archive material, centering around the launch of Laika the dog into space in 1957. Laika’s original name was Kudryavka.


Tilaa massa tilassa massa litassa maalit: ali tila (Material conditions of inner spaces) / Dir. Erkka Nissinen  / 2014 / Finland / 15:29

material conditions of inner - Nissinen

Three men are trying to change the material conditions by social action. The lead characters of this absurdist slapstick musical are on a quest to find their inner spaces.