Life display / Näytöksiä elävästä elämästä

Sunday 29.11. / 18:15 / Annankatu 6

Short film series. 51 min.


The series of four films shows us stories that feel like real and maybe are that also. Somewhere between everyday real-life and emotions and showing and telling the films document events that, for the individual, are sometimes severe. We slide from breaking to serene, from displacement to soft harmony

The Correspondent / Ohj. Alan King  / 2015 / Australia / 8:57

Copy of Lyhytelokuva. Ohj Alan King- The Correspondent. 2015

Overwhelmed with a deep sense of displacement following his child’s death, Michael frequently dreams of being submerged in a dark pool waiting for her return. He relies on opiates for solace from his new existence, however the vision of an angel leads him to believe there may be a way home.

Dead Fish from Berlin / Ohj. Martin Back / 2014 / Saksa / 8:46dead fish from berlin - Back

Everyday life of dead fish, and vice versa. “Dead Fish from Berlin” is an ambigram in sight and sound and a tribute to landmark short films, underscored by Erik Satie’s classical musical piece “Gnossienne No. 1”.

Remeber a day – Echoes of life / Ohj. Gianluca Vallero / 2013 / Saksa / 22:30Copy of Lyhytelokuva. Ohj. Gianluca Vallero- Remember a day - Echoes of life. 2013

Four snap-shots of everyday life lead us through the saisons of our existence: a timeless circle, which slowly and continuously rotates. Pictures and sounds turn into remembrances and presentiments, like echoes of a past or future life.

You are here / Ohj. Jana Minarikova / 2015 / Slovakia / 10:08you are here - Minarikova

A short film about where you are right now. In a quality of our life there are some very important moments called points. When we experience them during our life, they dont look serious, important even crucial. After that we realise how important to us they were.