MP — minä pelkään / I’m Scared

Saturday 28.11. / 18:00 / Annankatu 6
83 min. 1982. In Finnish, no subtitles.

MP — minä pelkään (1982) is a rare classic directed by Pekka Hyytiäinen. The movie is about an ordinary family living in a cabin in the woods. Their existence is shadowed by nearby war and it’s threats. Bombs can be heard in the background  and the space is getting smaller and smaller.

Among the everyday life, the movie includes nightmarish — and artistic — visions. The difference between harsh reality and fantasy becomes blurred.

MP — minä pelkään is the last film by Pekka Hyytiäisen. It hasn’t been broadcasted or released as a home video. In recent years, the experiemental movie has only been screened in a few film festivals.

Duration: 83 minutes

Age limit: K16

Language: Finnish


Pekka Hyytiäinen: MP - Minä pelkään
Pekka Hyytiäinen: MP – Minä pelkään