Saturday 28.11. / 22:00 / Annankatu 6

Until 00:30


In the night, after saturday’s screenings, a club will appear at the venue. It’s stage will be taken over by three Finnish bands: Keuhkot, Pelagos and Pink Twins.


Keuhkot is a legendary and eccentric finnish artist that has been active since the late 80’s.  One man band’s music is unique and primitive – almost impossible to describe. Keuhkot is know for it’s audiovisual, performance-like shows.


Keuhkot – Pinkki ja ruskee
Keuhkot live 2011


A new band from Pori! Release show for the band’s first ep. Check it out! “The extended play offers a keyhole to the bands soul landscape within four vigorous musical presentations. In the main roles are a big sound, cyclic musical elements and artistic eclecticism.”

Pelagos Bandcampissa
Cathedral on the Beach — music video
Pelagos live at Yyteri

Pink Twins

Pink Twins is a Helsinki-based duo that has been active since 1997. Pink Twins’ videos work on the crossing of visual art and music. For their live performances Pink Twins incorporate live electronic music and a live mix of video works. The music of Pink Twins is based on live sound processing of concrete and electronic sounds, noises and musical elements. The mix of live sound and video projections creates a hyperactive, constantly changing and extremely detailed experience of time and space.

Live at Jättömaa 2013

Tickets: 8 euros