Roki — Suomen Hevonen


Sunday 29.11. / 20:00 / Annankatu 6, II floor

1 hour. A play in Finnish.



Roki – Suomen Hevonen (Roki – The Finnish Horse) is a parodic stage adaptation of the 1976 film Rocky, localized in Pori, Finland. The drama tells a story of a Pori-based boxer Roki Paavola who gets an unbelievable chance to fight for the regional heavyweight championship of Satakunta. The play focuses on pondering the minuscule chances of an unlucky individual to prove his value in front of others, or at least himself.

The play will be executed in a literally small frame, as the sound and video will create the atmosphere of a Hollywood movie. The way of execution creates a contrast between a small man and the random twists happening around him.

The team includes Jeremias-Petteri Nieminen and Antti Karumäki (script and direction), Eetu Salmi (videos), Veli-Ville Sivén (music), Roni Forss (sound design) and Riikka Hakala (light design), among others. Each member of the team has influenced the process. Together they have accomplished a diverse, solid result.

The play will tentatively run for an hour and will include video projection, music and other kinds of sonic atmosphere. The videos will give a glimpse of local colour and Pori-based culture personalities.

Pori committee of culture supports the creation of the play by the means of a stipend. Other partners include Pori NMKY boxing department and Sataedu Villilä.
The play is performed in Finnish.


Tickets 5 euros

Kulttuuritalo Annankatu 6, 2. floor

Ticket reservations:
p. 050-3605644 /