Personal Affairs I


Personal Affairs I
selected by Patrick Morarescu


The New Spastics (GER / IRL) - The Level Two Piece / 4:17 min, 2011

Wayne Horse (GER) - Elefantboy / 12:45 min, 2007

A short film about digging holes, spare time and a black elefant boy growing up to become champion of the world. Phil Collins, cage fighting and product placement come together for peace.

Diego Agullo (ESP) & Dmitry Paranyushkin (RU) - The Humping Pact / 3 min

The Humping Pact is a mission based project by Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin. It is a pact between two friends that share the secret perversion of conquering spaces multiplying themselves all over the image and eroticizing reality while simulating the sexual act.

The project started in 2011 during the residency at PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany. Since then we have continued the mission in the cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Liepaja (Latvia), Brussels, Dro (Italy), Vienna, Gothenborg and Frankfurt. Berlin Mission coming soon!

Ulu Braun (GER) - Architectura / 15 min, 2015

In the beginning there was a brick, which flew through space. It flew past skyscrapers and keeps reappearing in this film about construction and destruction. Brick by brick - where will that ultimately lead? A father shows the world to his child - that will be all yours one day, he says. Soap bubbles float upward. It is all a cyclical affair. The tableaux Ulu Braun assembles are playful, associative, colourful and powerful. In his realm of imagery, sizes, relations and contexts become malleable. Owing to the deconstruction of proportions and coherencies, Ulu Braun's narrative becomes a fable. Architecture is the game of positioning bodies in light. Darkness needs its space. The future is already misaligned.

Nat Tafelmacher-Magnat (GER) - The Queen and Veils / 20 min, 2014

Surrealist, feminist, mindfuck drama with a pinch of humor: Diana the stern and passionate Film Director, in her eyes also the Huntress, the Queen, sees her supremacy over her beloved film challenged by Aimée, the frighteningly efficient and down-to-earth assistant director, triggering Diana's anxious and intruding imagination to paint the situation like a wild battle to be won or lost. An intimate journey into Diana's mind, leading us to the edge of sanity.

Kaia Hugin (NO) - Motholic Mobble part 7 (Shadows, Twists and Endings) / 6:35 min, 2013

A woman repeatedly glides off and back onto a chair in a claustrophobic room as if forever entrapped by unpredictable forces within or outside herself.

Ane Lan (NO) - My Baby / 6:47 min, 2013

Dressed as a female nurse or medical laboratory employee, the artist situate himself in a laboratory environment singing a “love song” to an absent “baby” while performing an intracytoplasmic sperm injection on a human egg, and then inserting it into a surrogate mothers vagina. The video work investigates the future relationship between gender conceptions and the human procreation in the age of advancements in the field of gene-
manipulation and various possibilities of artificial insemination. The work also relates to the Freudian concept of the childs rejection of the mother(body) as a the primary stage of narcissism and the gateway to the symbolic world, an idea further developed by French psychoanalyst and literature critic Julia Kristeva, who suggests that the development of the human language and words are a substitute for the loss of the oneness with the mothers body.