Personal Affairs II: Mental Radio

Friday 27.11. / 15:45 / Annankatu 6

42 min. 2012.


selected by Patrick Morarescu

Tobias Yves Zintel (GER) – Mental Radio

Copy of TYZ_2012_Mental_Radio_Geist

>Mental Radio< is a filmed portrait about the artist’s family: his parents, his autistic brother, and the house in which they live. The house is the framework for the social construct of the family. The brother is an autistic person, as well as deaf and mute. Day in and day out, he makes drawings of his favorite animal, the pig. Communication between parents and son seems to be guided by extra-sensory forces, which Zintel visualizes in scenes of effective surrealistic power. Objects, such as a tree house built by the father, and an ectoplasmic sculpture made of meringue and baked by the mother, replace verbal exchanges in the house. Sounds of nature and musical pieces composed for the film by the band Pollyester and Daniel Murena, along with the continuous sound of the radio, form the film’s acoustic setting.


Mental Radio”, the film’s title, is taken from the title of a book written in 1930 by Upton Sinclair, which describes the experiments conducted with his wife, who had telepathic powers. Besides the attempt to trace the inexplicable things in a family constellation, Zintel also grapples with the question of how to deal with the mentally ill in our society.