Tässä ja nyt / Here and Now

Perjantai 27.11. / 23:45 / Annankatu 6

Lyhytelokuvasarja. 48 min.


Venäjä, Saksa, Ranska: kolme elokuvaa kolmesta maasta, tässä ajassa, Porissa. Nuoria synkän ja valoisan rajamailla saman taivaankannen alla. Yhdistääkö elokuvia jokin, vai onko se vain kuraattorin harhaa?


Bombard the headquarters / Ohj. Stepan Grusha / 2015 / Venäjä / 16.50


Russia, St. Petersburg, Summer 2014. Young actors, artists and just some hipsters do nothing, but argue and laugh about the events of Maidan, the right sector and the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic). They get drunk and try to solve their love problems – but, all of a sudden, political hysteria starts creeping into the story from the outside world, and, unexpectedly, it changes the main character, who at the beginning was totally indifferent to politics. From now on, it is not clear to him, where the border between drunken nonsense and frightening reality lies. ”Bombard the Headquarters” is a topical movie that develops around the political situation of the 2014 and, more precisely, the influence of this situation on the minds and actions of the intelligent youth.

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Elokuvan ohjaaja, tuottaja ja kaksi näyttelijää paikalla näytöksessä

The Cursus / Ohj. Philipp Fröhlich / 2015 / Saksa / 11:02


Nighttime. An illegal party deep inside a dark forest. Vicky, Simon, Brenda and Kyra are dancing for the camera. A voice from nowhere is judging them harshly. Aaron is tired of all that shit and looking for the source that is providing the party with electricity. He follows a cable into darkness, finds a generator and turns it off…

Sunny star / Ohj. Maxence Vassilyevirch / 2015 / Ranska / 20:00


At a strange villa  six young people come together lazing under a summer sun. They are children of the night, children of dreams, coming from everywhere and nowhere, they are here, united like a tribe. Bored and burnt they are dreaming of diving into the water, but the swimming pool is empty and resembles a grave.